a christmas of passionate love


The Christmas lights twinkle in the background as he stares deeply into my eyes. His warm breath caresses my face and neck, sending chills up my spine. He slowly moves in closer, his lips gently brushing against mine. I feel his tongue exploring my mouth and all of its hidden secrets as I move to embrace him. His hands slide around me, pulling me close and guiding me onto the bed with a soft moan.

He slides down between my legs and teases my sensitive inner thighs before finally taking hold of his long hard cock with both hands and pushing it towards my lips. My heart races as I eagerly lick and suck on every inch of him until he can’t take anymore, moaning out loud with pleasure just before cumming right into my mouth. We lay there together afterwards, exhausted but happy; our steamy Christmas gift to each other complete.

Category: romantic
Added on: January 16, 2023