the werewolfs wild passion a night of breeding and pleasure


He slowly enters the room, his broad chest heaving with anticipation. He has a wild glint in his eyes, like that of a werewolf on the prowl. His hands slide down your body as he presses into you, sending sparks through your veins. You can feel his strength and power radiating from him as he moves closer and closer to you. His lips brush against yours and you know that he is ready; it’s time for him to go into breeding mode. With each passionate thrust of his hips, you can feel every inch of him inside of you as he takes control and brings both of you to new heights of pleasure. You gasp with delight as wave after wave of pleasure wash over you until finally, completely spent, all else fades away leaving only the two of you in the aftermath – contented, satisfied and blissful.

Category: romantic
Added on: January 16, 2023